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How To Deal With Newton’s Laws Homework Problems: Great Hints

No one enjoys doing homework problems. No one especially enjoys doing physics problems of any kind even though Newton’s Laws has been taught or frequently mentioned in classrooms. However, like any assigned set of homework problems, you are expected to tackle it, finish it and gain some sort of understanding from it. So what happens when it comes time to start on homework concerning Newton’s Laws, and you draw a blank? What do you do? Here are some hints that could help you get started and work your way towards making these laws of physics your friend.

  • Pay attention in class
  • This is important. Paying attention in class pretty determines how long it will take to complete your work by paying attention in class, you are able to catch something you are unable to understand and this presents the opportunity to ask your teacher questions.

  • Take good notes
  • This goes hand-in-hand with paying attention in class. If you take good notes, it is easier to look simply back on those notes and find the answer or help to solve the problem.

  • Write and understand practice problems
  • When professors are teaching any material, especially in physics, they make it a habit to go through some sample questions. As the professor goes through these, be sure to write them down so you can look back at them. Again, this correlates with the first two suggestions.

  • Use textbook as source for finding examples
  • It is likely the teacher is using textbook examples as practice problems but if that is not the case, have your textbook open and ready when it comes time to do homework. You never know, a sample problem might provide just the right assistance that you need.

  • Seek a knowledgeable tutor
  • If after doing all the above and still Newton’s Laws are a puzzle, then seek a tutor that would be able to explain things to you. The tutor may be a peer or even your professor.

  • Search the internet for videos and tutorials
  • This should be considered your last resort. Why? The Internet is full of people who claim to be experts in the subject matter. Those who are experts might explain the concept in their videos and only make matters worse by confusing you. So if you have reached the point where you need to watch these videos and tutorials, make sure to pick one that will clarify your question and will increase your level of understanding.

Newton’s Laws are taught to us or are known to us from grade school. Even though we enjoy learning about in fun ways, we don’t exactly enjoy doing the homework that comes with it. But it is something that needs to be done so that we can further our knowledge and understanding of these Laws. Following these hints can ensure that going your homework will go about smoothly.