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English Homework Help: Grammar Mistakes Students Always Do

It is amazing how there are some grammar mistakes that almost everyone makes. They are so common that we can make a list of them so that you can check them every time. This way you won’t lose points for these errors. Out of all of the rules in grammar, these common mistakes occur so often that if you can master them, you will surely not have to worry about losing many points.

Unfortunately, your work will be judged on the grammar as well as the content. It is a sad fact that these silly little rules will change the reader’s perception of your paper, but the fact is that if the reader finds a grammatical error in your writing, they start to lose respect for the piece as a hole.

The most common grammar mistakes:

  1. Whom versus Who: When the pronoun acts as the subject of the clause then you use “who” and when it acts as the object of the clause then you use “whom”.
  2. Nor: This is used when you are dealing with a negative condition. It is the same as “and not”. It will be used in a sentence instead of “or” if you are talking about a negative condition.
  3. Affect versus Effect: “Affect” is a verb most of the time and “effect” is mostly a noun. “Affect” is to influence someone or something and “effect” is the outcome or result.
  4. Uninterested versus Disinterested: A “disinterested” person is a person with no stake in the event and an “uninterested” person is someone who doesn’t care about the issue.
  5. Whether versus if: “Whether” refers to a condition where that are multiple alternatives and “if” is a condition with no alternatives.
  6. Anyone versus any one: “Anyone” refers to any number of people and “any one” refers to just one person.
  7. There, their, and they’re: “There” is used to describe a place or start off a sentence. “Their” is the possessive form of “they”. “They’re” is a conjunction or “they are”.

If you check your paper for these common mistakes, you will be sure to catch some of the most notorious ones and get them out of your paper. It is important to make sure that you proofread and edit your work. If you can get these mistakes out of your writing, you will be that much farther ahead.