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Should Welfare Recipients Be Drug Tested?

America continues to have many economic challenges to this day. However, what hurts is the way the government spends money to cater for the rich. Simply said, despite the economic challenges in America, the rich keeps getting rich while the poor remain poor. Consider the image of the queen with 6 kids who live in a lavish estate, surrounded by armed people, driving around in posh cars and watching soap operas in expensive television sets. Millions of dollars are spend to protect the royal family. All this is done when the government is insisting that they are doing whatever they can to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor. Maine has been in the limelight as the first state to enforce drug-testing legislation. This is a process which is aimed at showing the locals that their money is being used in the best way possible. In Tennessee where this process was carried out first, only 1 person in 800 people tested positive. In Florida, only 2.6% of people tested positive to the tests. It should not be forgotten that Florida accounts for 8% of the illegal drug trade. This means that very few people are using the drugs than their counter parts that are better off. Simply said, this process cost more money than it aimed at saving. Worse still, it was ruled unconstitutional last year when civil society who filed a petition. All these show of the greed among the political class in America.

Unfortunately, many people tend to forget that the projects that are introduced by their leaders are funded by their own money as taxpayers. They also have their rights to have their inputs when such programs are launched. Women who apply for these programs should be at least 3 months pregnant. They can also be less than 6 months post-partum. According to the law, only children who are less than 5 years old can apply for the program. This law has been developed by the United States Department of Agriculture and Nutrition Services. The procedure of joining this program is usually a bit simple. For instance, you will just need to give them a call, prove your identity, your family’s income level, where you live and prove that you have participated in other programs. Some of the programs you might be enrolled in are: Medicaid, Temporary assistance for needy families and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program among other government sponsored programs. You also need to provide information on immunization of children, your pregnancy conformation and your weight and height. There is other important information that needs to be addressed in this regard. It is also very important to provide information on your child support payments if you are enrolled in one and the short term disability money you have received. These requirements usually differ from one state to another. However, for most part, they are usually consistent.