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An Effective Way To Deal With Your Assignments: Using A Homework Planner

You have probably heard that it is a good idea to use a homework planner to improve your time management skills in High School and College. What you haven’t been told is exactly HOW you should be using this homework planner to help you. Today, we are going to provide simple advice for using a school homework planner, in order to help you better organizes your time and stomp out bad procrastination habits.

  1. Write Things Down Twice

    When you are assigned new projects make sure that you write them down twice. Once on the day that it is assigned as part of your to-do list and then a second time on the day that it is due. This will help you keep track of when things are assigned and when they have to be finished by.

  2. Make A “To Do” Plan

    Once you have written your assignments down you may find it helpful to plan out when you are going to get them done. Be very specific for instance write things like: Outline Essay 4:00pm

    By writing down a specific schedule for you to do list you are creating a plan to get things done!

  3. Set Goals

    You can also use your homework planner to set goals for getting things done. You can write things in it like “have paper completed by Feb 2nd” then, place a note on Feb 2nd that you want to have the paper done. This will help you stay ahead of schedule and be accountable for your projects. It will also provide you with a sense of accomplishment when you achieve your goals.

  4. Use Your Homework Planner To Schedule Your Time

    Lastly, the final way that you can use your homework planner to help you is by using it for regular scheduling purposes as well. You can write in your work schedule, school schedule, and other important activities. This will help to keep you on track and remind you where you need to be and when. By writing everything down and making a schedule you will be able to better allocate your time.

* One final tip is to prioritize things in your scheduler. Put homework assignments that are due sooner first, and projects later deadlines off until later.