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What Online Sites Can Help Me with College Homework?

Online college homework sites are widely available on the internet but you need to be discriminating. Online tutorial sites, which do the homework for you so that you can print it out and say it’s your work,  come at a price and it can work out very costly. Some sites are also better than others. Check out how long they have been in existence and look at several to check on costs and delivery times; make a budget and stick to it.

  • Online college homework sites that do the home work for you and format it correctly.
  • The homework pressure and tests can be unbearable for children.
  • As a temporary measure for relief these sites are ok.
  • For ongoing homework, which you are supposed to complete yourself they are not a good solution and it, works out very costly.
  • They prevent you learning and realizing your full potential.

The internet is the gateway to videos, Facebook and You tube. Children find their attention span diminishing as they flit from one internet connection to another. They face the danger of living in a world divorced from reality and the classroom’. They see reality in terms of the internet. Teachers find they are losing contact with their classes. Activities like reading books run up against videos and You tube and there is a danger that homework won’t get done.

  • Parents need to direct their children when they are studying using the internet.
  • They should encourage their children to visit on line libraries so that they can study their subjects through reading papers and  question and answer sessions.
  • They can also get homework answers for free  on these sites.
  • Children should be taught to search for what they need rather than always asking for homework help.
  • The internet is a great resource but children need to know how to use it effectively for homework.

The internet is part of children’s lives and brings many benefits including getting homework done but it also means for many children a very low attention span so that they flit from one thing to another and will not take time to learn. Skills like spelling, self-expression and writing all suffer because of the exposure to the internet.Parental control is essential to get homework done so that their children get good grades.