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What are the Common Physics Homework Problems?

There are some universal problems that very physics student should have to solve. When you leave physics class you should be accomplished in:

  1. The Anthropic Principle
  2. Quantum Field Theory
  3. Quantum Gravity
  4. Quantum Mechanics
  5. Cosmology
  6. Entropy and Statistical Mechanics
  7. Electromagnetism
  8. General Relativity
  9. Classical Waves
  10. Special Relativity
  11. Classical Mechanics
  12. Harmonic Oscillator

Sample Questions

Here is a small sampling of physics questions using some of these important and fundamental concepts:

  1. Know what force is used to keep a roller coaster on the tracks. Discuss how this works.
  2. Be able to list five ways Physics is used in the kitchen or in the bathroom. Use the correct terms in explaining the procedures.
  3. Explain Newton’s Law of Gravity.
  4. A fully inflated balloon with a weight tied to it tightly submerges into swimming pool or the ocean, when it plummets deeper and deeper, the named force acting on it
    • Shrinkage
    • Increases
    • Decreases
    • Remains mostly unchanged
    • More information needed
  5. The entire exterior of any planet loses energy to outer space because what happens to it which is called
    • Conversion
    • Conduction
    • Convection
    • Radiation
    • Radioactivity
  6. Define the term greenhouse gas and explain how it works.
  7. The electrical attraction force between an electron and a proton is emphasized more for the
    • Explosion
    • Neither
    • Proton
    • Electron
    • Both are equal
  8. Immediately after two separated charged particles are removed from rest of the particles, both increase in speed. So the particles have done what in the terms of Physics?
  9. When additional heat lamps are attached in any parallel in a circuit, the current in source of the power will:
    • Explode
    • Increases
    • Decreases
    • Remains the same
    • More info needed
  10. Explain how magnetic force works.
  11. What is a step-up transformer? Give an example of one.
  12. Explain heat conversion and how it works.
  13. Explain what happens when you mix hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen gases.

There are hundreds of sample basic physics questions available at AssignmentGeek. Make sure you practice the challenging subject as often as you can to obtain success.