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Essential tricks for students who are lazy to do their homework


The important thing to remember is that being lazy is just a lack of motivation to do something. If you don’t find homework motivating than maybe you should start thinking about it differently. It is hard to be motivated to do work when there is no one but yourself to pressure you to do it. You need to think of the positive aspects of doing the work and getting it done quickly.

  •  It will be over faster and you can do what you want
  •  It will get you prepared for the work to come
  • It will help you learn and get into a good college

Getting it over with

If you just sit down and do it right away and all at once than you can be done with it for the whole rest of the day. Now you can go out with friends or play games, just do what you want. You won’t have to do all of those things all the while knowing that you still have to get all of that work done. It is a lot of pressure to be playing basketball-knowing time is running out to get the work done. If you do it first than you wont have that problem.

Prepare you

Homework will prepare you for all the work you’ll do in class. It is also the basis for all the work to come. Every year that you move up a grade they use what you have learned already as a foundation to build off of. If you don’t do the work now, you’ll have an even harder time next year. It also helps you will the work in class and the tests you will have to take.

A good college

Getting into a good college is an important part of your future. It may not seem like it now but jobs are hard to get right now and the better you do in school the better your options will be. You should constantly be planning ahead for your future. A large part of which is a good a whole education. You will have even harder homework in college but if you work hard now you will have the tools that you will need in order to do it and succeed. So you see, homework is not a useless thing that is being done to you. It is something that you can do for yourself and for your future. Invest in you and know that all the work you do is really working towards something greater.