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Research indicates that students who study more will progress further in their schooling and will master new skills easier including:

  • Critical thinking skills
  • Writing skills
  • And problem solving skills

All three are imperative for academic success and vocational success. Students who improve these skills in school are three times less likely to find themselves without a job after they graduate. The best part about this is that you do not have to attend an ivy league school to make this a reality; any student can improve their grades and collective skills by studying.

Studying has more of an effect on college grades than any other component. Grades are also one of the best ways in which students can increase their chances of becoming financially well established in the future. Those students who earn higher grades in all of their college courses will earn substantially more than those who finish with a C average. Far from surprising is the fact that most of those with the C average wished, in a recent study, that they had taken the time to study more while they were in college.

The manner in which you study in school also has an effect on your success. Many students admit that they spend their class time reading their emails or texting friends and as a result, they remember less from their lessons, comprehend less, and receive lower grades compared to the students who give their undivided attention to the instructors. This is true of homework too. The brain cannot actually focus on two separate tasks at the same time. The concept of “multitasking” refers to the brain’s ability to quickly shift back and forth between multiple tasks, but while focused on a singular task, the brain is 100% focused. If you try and watch television or listen to music, you will detract from your learning and retention.

When students get to college, they often look for the courses that have the least amount of homework. But in doing so, you are not doing yourself any favors. Why not? Because oddly enough, the courses that assign the most amount of papers and longest amount of reading help to increase learning. And in addition to that, taking a course on a subject that is otherwise unfamiliar to you will expand your mind more than taking a course which you have already studied to some degree.