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5 Places To Look For Correct Homework Answers In Physics

Many students struggle to find the correct answers to their physics homework. They have a lot of things to juggle and they want to make sure that they have the correct answers to hand in. When you find yourself struggling to answer a question, you may look to find the correct answers to the questions elsewhere. You can use them to complete the homework assignment or use them to check to see if your answers make any sense.

These 5 places are the best places to find help with your physics homework. Just remember that the first place that you should always check is in your textbook. Reading your textbook to find answers is where you should always start. Here are the places to try when you can’t find the answers in your textbook.

Supplemental textbook resources

Many textbooks will include an additional resource guide that can be used to help students find the information that they are looking for to complete their assignments. These guides are usually online but may come on a compact disk as well. They can be very helpful and give you answers to the homework questions.

Informational sites

There are so many informational sites online that can be utilized to get the information that is needed to complete the assignments. For example, maybe you can find a site that is designed to give information on physics in general. You will be able to explore this site to find the information that you are looking for.

Video resources

So many people have benefited from physics videos. They can explain certain aspects of physics or teach you how to complete a problem with step by step instructions. It can be a helpful resource and the best part is that you can watch it as many times as you need.

Study groups

You can also work with some of your classmates to complete various assignments. Many students will work in a group to complete the work because they figure that collectively they will be able to complete it successfully. Plus, you can learn so much from the other students opposed to working alone.


You can also get a physics tutor. They can help you with your assignments. It is a great way to really learn the work instead of just finding a way to get the answer. A tutor can teach you the information again in a different format so that you can retain the information.